Calling all proptech female experts…

As the intersection of property and technology, proptech unites two of the fields that are traditionally under-represented by women. So, with FUTURE: Proptech coming up next month, we thought this would be a great time to put a call out to more women in proptech to sign up to Women Talk Real Estate.

Our aim is to raise the visibility of women through the stage and media. Currently, around 14% of speakers are female at industry events and this low representation is a

missed opportunity to showcase individual female expertise, but also a chance to use the stage to challenge stereotypes about women in the industry and to provide more role models.

At the heart of what Women Talk Real Estate is a database of female experts who are keen to speak at events, which is then accessed by event organisers. With this, we hope to be able to better bridge the gap between event organisers wanting more diversity at events but being unable to find the right speakers. With the support of our amazing sponsors, we’ve been able to offer this service for free for both event organisers and speakers.

We’re proud to be an industry partner for Future Proptech. In such an exciting part of the sector, we want to make sure that women’s vision and innovation is being showcased. Currently, out of 450 speakers, only 13 are proptech experts and a further nine of those have roles which touch of proptech as part of their expertise.

We know there are more out there so please help us find them. If you are a woman in proptech, please take a look at our website and consider signing up and finding out more about our training. If you know a female expert in proptech, please recommend them to us or point them in the direction of our website.