Then turn your idea into cash and win 100'000 USD, one-year office space and professional coaching!

Based out of Zug, the heart of the world-famous Crypto Valley, the Blockchain Competition is a startup contest for blockchain projects. Each competition targets a specific industry, in this case the Real Estate industry.


  1. You submit your application online – tell us how you use blockchain in the area of real estate.
  2. Then our Jury reviews the application – if it's good enough, you will be selected for an in-person interview.
  3. From there, the field is narrowed down to 10 startups which will be invited to pitch live in front of the Jury and the audience at the Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley,
    07 November 2018.


Your application will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. Team
  2. Market fit and potential
  3. Quality of MVP/prototype/business case deck


Participants can submit applications in the pre-defined format by June 30 2018. The jury will review all submissions and then issue invitations to the shortlisted candidates.


1st prize

  • 100,000 USD Funding in cash!
  • 1 year private office in the Crypto Valley Labs in Zug, Switzerland
  • 1 year of comprehensive, hands-on coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, C-level executives and investors

2nd prize

  • 1 year in an inspiring workplace at the open space in the Crypto Valley Labs in Zug
  • 1 year of hands-on coaching from experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, C-level executives and investors

3rd prize

  • 1 year in an inspiring workplace at the open space in the Crypto Valley Labs in Zug
  • Fundamental insights gleaned from workshops with experienced entrepreneurs, industry experts, C-level executives and investors.


All of our jurors share a passion: being fascinated by ideas and supporting them to become a reality.
Any idea that manages to generate added value for society while being cost-effective deserves a competent and committed appraisal. To that end we have brought on board a number of qualified experts.
If you are brimming with ideas and are able to convince our jurors and partners, then you are in with a very realistic chance of bringing one of those ideas to fruition in Switzerland as a test market.


In this year's competition, we're offering you partnerships with well-known names in Swiss industries – in the areas of real estate. This is your foot in the door to big names in your target market.
Our startup IT and research experts plus business angels will walk this journey side-by-side with you and your idea. You can let your creativity run free in a market where products are reviewed with the prospect of an international launch.


Zug is known for the sheer number of international businesses to which it plays host – and it earns its name “Crypto Valley.”
Now imagine yourself here – in the heart of “Crypto Valley”, in a top location, in your very own office!
Crypto Valley Labs is opening its doors to the winners of our Blockchain Competition. Prestigious spaces and professional infrastructures will make your life that much richer. For free. For 1 year.
Join the more than 100 other startups already located in our locations – and use the energy of this unique place to grow your startup!


Business is calling – this is THE platform for you to discuss your prospects in the booming world of blockchain.
Work should be fun. We believe that off the job meetings are the most pleasant way to communicate with experienced experts.
We'll invite you to founders' dinners, inspiring drinks and discussions sessions and informal lunches with prominent names in finance and research. Discuss your ideas as equals and find out how you can revolutionize the infrastructure of modern real estate firms.


Too good to be true? Not at all!
We know that every relationship – even in business – has to be based on trust. In our digital era we constantly see established models becoming outdated in no time at all. Wherever you look, the world is in transition. It changes abruptly. But trust? That builds over time.
We firmly believe that the Blockchain Competition and its participants can affect fundamental change at a global level.
It's not just about who has the idea; it's also about how we drive it forward, together. But we don't want any credit. All we need is your trust.
You decide just how far the relationships go between you and our experts.

The winners are chosen on November 7 2018 at the Blockchain Summit – Crypto Valley in Zug.

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