PropTech Norway Update: December 2018

A Christmas PropTech Wrap-Up

As always, the busiest days of the year are the ones around Christmas.

There are big deals to be completed and projects to finish.

There are still time for some proptech updates...


3 - 5 December - The coolest tech event in the world, SLUSH, took place, with it’s 3100 start-ups, 1.800 investors and 20.000 participants. The largest side event of SLUSH is ReCoTech (Real Estate & Construction Tech) with it’s 1,000 registered participants.



The event really is the most tech-focused proptech event out there – and feels like a music festival. Don’t take our word for it, check out Duke Long’s comment here:

We had a great debate with Magnus Svantegård (Nordic Proptech) and Hannu Rantanen (PropTech Finland) in the key note for the afternoon: (Norwegian)

You can check out  the photos from here ( two photo-sets from different photographers):

WeWork into the market:

It was announced that Henrik Taubøll from PropTech Norway / BAHR and Salman Saeed will lead WeWork into the Nordics, Baltics and (further into) the Netherlands. Read more: (Norwegian)

Also from (Norwegian)

Scandinavian property giant goes UX:

When real estate company KLP Eiendom decided to start working more comprehensively with proptech, they created a position that reflects what the purpose of proptech should be.

"New players in the real estate industry are working with the everyday users in buildings in a much more engaging fashion than what has been done traditionally, and this is creating value for the tenants. We want to be part of that change," says Andreas L. Farberg, Head of User Experiences at KLP Eiendom.

Since starting in his new position in August, Farberg has been spending time learning about the burgeoning proptech scene and initiating small-scale pilot projects.

"We don't necessarily aim to be the first ones to implement new solutions on a large scale, rather we want to be agile when we identify products and services that we think are the best in their field. But we also want to work with startups through pilots," says Farberg.

KLP Eiendom has also recently hired their first CIO, Egil Brækken, coming from his previous position as CIO in Norwegian power company Hafslund. One of Brækken's main projects is to collect all the data from KLP Eiendom's reporting and management systems into a single database, where it can be used to create new insight and IT solutions.

"At some point we hope to invite students, start-ups and others to help us use our data to create innovative solutions for our tenants", says Brækken.

KLP Eiendom is part of KLP, Norway's biggest life insurance company. KLP Eiendom owns real estate totaling ca. EUR 6.7bn in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and London, and has offices in Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

News from the start-ups:


Intrava is a proptech company that solves the problem of combining, cleaning, and analyzing data from disparate sources to give actionable insights for property management companies. More data providers continue to enter the industry, hence the need to consolidate and interpret data becomes increasingly important - which is exactly what Intrava does. Intrava have been active the last few months, the team has more than doubled and have also started a seed round to fuel further growth. With one of the largest real estate players in Scandinavia on the client list, the future is looking bright for Intrava. is one the most promising start-up in the Oslo tech scene right now. The company helps people improve the way they live and work by enabling everything indoor to move effortlessly on Smart Wheels. In essence, what is being attempted with self-driving cars outdoors, will perform indoors through small and cost effective embedded robots (“Smart Wheels”). The solution can be used to move essentially anything, whether that’s furniture, full-sized walls, pallets in a warehouse or equipment in hospitals. gains great attention worldwide and is running its first paid pilots in smart buildings to increase flexibility and reduce manual work, which in turn leads to reduced costs and higher efficiency. Pilots are being rolled out these days to the largest real estate companies in the industry – with great results.

Disruptive Technologies:

Disruptive Technologies is one of the most promising Norwegian Proptech start-ups, being rated Europe’s best Proptech company at MIPIM this year. At the PropTech Summit in Oslo Jonas Haberkorn from Real Estate Innovation Network named them “best rated company in 2018 rated by over 50 international real estate experts”. See:

New Hubs:

Madserud Gård Proptech Hub

As owner of Madserud Gård, we can express and explain our needs to our members so they clearly understand our desires in our wish to grow and develop within the industry. In doing so, our members will have the ability to develop products and services more specifically to our needs, and hopefully do so in a shorter amount of time. Our members will also have the ability to test their products at Madserud Gård before they are complete and ready to launch.

Within Selvaag Eiendom, we believe if we want to succeed in taking the real estate industry into the future, it is absolutely necessary to work together, give and take, draw inspiration from each other and share knowledge across industries. At Madserud Gård, everyone will help each other and the industry to grow. This concept is directly related to Selvaag Eiendom’s values. In the spirit of Selvaag as a group, we believe “pay it forward” is a very important concept within what we do every day.”

First PropTech Hub: In August,  Scandinavia’s first Prop Tech hub was launched in Oslo, Norway. Selvaag Eiendom,, is the company behind the project. Selvaag Eiendom is a family owned real estate company with a long history in management and development of real estate throughout Norway.

Why a PropTech hub?

In general it has never before been more important to create a good and inspiring working environment. We live in a time where the line between leisure and work is becoming increasingly obscure. Today’s tenants are more and more appreciative of flexibility, their surroundings and inspiration from outside everyday life. Included in that is the need for shorter leases and different environments within the workplace. Combining a variety of different disciplines to create synergies is not a new concept. In the past few years, several co-working spaces and offices have opened in Oslo, however, a co-working place for strictly PropTech has never existed, not in Norway or Scandinavia.

Selvaag Eiendom has converted its portfolio’s most beautiful property into a community for property-related companies, focusing on future office and business buildings.

Hege Skjebred Hatlemark, Real Estate director at Selvaag Eiendom says, “We are entering a new chapter for the real estate industry, and in order to meet our customers’ needs for efficiency, flexibility and new ways of working; as well as meeting our own goals for sustainable solutions for our properties, we need to work with others to find the best solutions. Tech within real estate is an important tool for us to use, in order to optimize and streamline our properties. Through our PropTech hub, we aim to facilitate knowledge sharing, the development of solutions and products, as well as gain incredible access to innovation.


Grefsen in Oslo has recently got a new co-working space that since October this year benefits the local community with its wide offer of activities. The building where Banken (Home Workspace) is located has stood empty for a while already, and now with the new tenants it has got a new life. They transformed the building into a hub for short-travel working. This way companies can use the hub as a second office for their employees that live far away from the company headquarters. In a few words, a sustainable concept that allows not only to save time on travelling but also minimizes the impact on environment. One of the founders Roar Smelhus informes us that “Banken (Home Workspace) is an innovative co-working space, where in a unique environment of creativity and learning you will be able to boost your projects loaded with energy and motivation. At Banken you will become a part of a community of transformative minds that choose this place every day to work productively, grow their businesses and connect with other like-minded professionals.

But it’s not only the work that you do there. You can innovate, find inspiration, read, play games, share ideas, listen to music and create businesses. Alone and together. In addition to all this, Banken offers plenty of courses and events on offer to keep you informed and up to-date with new technologies, as well as to help you disconnect from work and socialize with other members and business people. If you are interested in social sustainability, you will get a chance to collaborate on providing youth with job training that complements their school education.

The spaces provide everything you need for your professional and relational development, whether you are freelance, self-employed or SME. In a bright and cosy space of more than 400 square meters you will find fully equipped rooms to meet clients, hold workshops or collaboration sessions; a fast internet connection; a printer/scanner; a kitchen to have lunch while getting to know your co-workers; chill-out areas to enjoy friendly chats; an event space adapted to a big variety of professional and leisure activities; as well as a team of mentors who will be willing to give you a hand.

At Banken you can find the space that best suits your working style and needs. You can grab a place in an open coworking environment or if you want a bit of seclusion, you can install your PC in your own private space. Or if what you want is to only become a part of the community and join the events, you can do that too!”

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