Italian Proptech Update No. 2 - November 2018

(4 Italian startups to know about)

Written by, Angelica Donati

I recently attended a proptech event organised by Gestitec (Milan Polytec’s real estate research facility).

During the event, several outstanding start-ups from the Italian proptech scene presented their innovative solutions for a variety of real estate needs.

Here are some (very diverse) Italian start-ups!

Dove Vivo

Dove Vivo is an Italian co-living platform, focusing on students and young professionals. It is an established scale-up that has been profitable since 2010 and aims to turn over 100 mio EUR annually by 2022. Chairman William Maggio explained their simple but effective model: they lease privately owned apartments in central locations in cities such as Milan, Rome, Bologna and Turin (all very popular with students and young professionals) and then rent out individual rooms on shorter leases. All flats are remodelled to conform with the Dove Vivo brand, so that tenants can expect a standardised product no matter where they live. Landlords also have peace of mind as Dove Vivo fully manage the property and guarantee rent. Dove Vivo tenants also benefit from a dedicated app which caters to all their needs throughout their stay.


IComfort is an IOT solution by SmartSys. Founder Ernesto Lombardi explained the concept in a few simple words: IComfort is a complete IOT platform and dashboard that allows companies to enable smarter and better workspaces by measuring key parameters for wellbeing in real time. What does this mean? Office layout efficiency and usage can be monitored using their desk occupancy, room utilization, queue analysis and parking usage sensors and reporting features. Take it a step further and use the same infrastructure to monitor , temperature, lighting, noise pollution, air quality, energy expenditure and more in the building. The system is completely plug and play and managed from an online dashboard.

What a Space!

What a Space is a marketplace of commercial spaces available for temporary shops and events. Founder Daniela Galvani explained how the idea was born from a previous platform she designed that aggregated reviews for commercial spaces. Users asked to be able to book them as well, and What a Space was born. The service is free for renters; space owners pay a 10% fee on every successful transaction.


Concrete is a new real estate equity crowdfunding platform for the Italian market. It is regulated by CONSOB and allows investors to participate in property deals with ticket sizes starting from 10k EUR. Co-Founder Lorenzo Pedotti explained that the platform allows investors to select the appropriate risk profile for their needs. In future, they will also be able to trade investments on a secondary marketplace within the platform.

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