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Only 3 weeks to go until the big day! With over 1,000 delegates now confirmed from 348 companies and 31 countries, its going to be a busy day.

We are busy making final preparations, but in the mean time – here is a little info to get you up to speed on 'Space as a Service'. This is a MAJOR topic right now, and a subject which we will be covering heavily at our event.

For example, here is our curated FPT agenda for those interested in the S-AAS subject which is already transforming how people use real estate. 

Space As A Service: What Landlords & Investors Need to Understand

Focusing on the User Experience

Facilities Management – Intelligent Solutions for Property Managers

Workplaces For Modern Occupiers

Lessons from the Technology Industry


Solving the Housing Crisis : What role can innovation play?

Housing Developers: How To Unlock Value Through Creativity

Innovation in the Build To Rent sector

Co-Living – Adapting to a new generations demands

The Future of Lettings


Space as a Service, are you familiar with this term? If not, we will give you the basics on this new concept, which is transforming the shape of Real Estate.

Below, we focus on Flexible working and commercial S-AAS.
Next week we will focus on residential S-AAS and Generation Rent

What is Space as a Service?

Plain and simply, 'space as a service' improves the occupiers user experience, and gives the customer what they want. They key to this is flexibility.Companies are now having to think about the following areas in order to attract and retain occupiers. 

  • Well being and Health
  • Flexibility
  • Space Management
  • Comfort levels
  • Entertainment
  • Diet / Food Options
  • Convenience
  • Social Scene

Flexible Workspace – Flexible workspace has evolved into a fundamental part of the commercial real estate market, growing in size and importance to both landlords and occupiers alike. In a survey of Colliers International's top 200 occupiers throughout the APAC region, 56% said they were already using flexible workspace in some capacity and 91% of the remaining respondents were considering using flexible workspace. It's not only Europe who's facing this change.

The demand for co-working or flexible workspace – led initially by startups, freelancers and tech firms – has grown substantially since 2015 as large businesses embrace the sharing economy.

  • Take-up in UK's largest cities outside of London jumps from 2% to 7.5% of all leases in 2017, powered by growth of WeWork and Spaces*
  • London remains global capital for co-working spaces, ahead of New York*
  • Central London saw 2.5m sq ft leased to flexible workspace providers in 2017, a 190% increase on last year*


Key Trends in Flexible Workspace:

Fully Integrated Lifestyle Environments
Some operators are transforming their locations into fully integrated lifestyle environments boasting health, entertainment and other amenities. Operators are also becoming increasingly conscious that many occupiers are attracted to the less tangible aspects of a space — particularly the innovation, creativity and opportunities for collaboration that spring from dynamic communities.

Regulatory Changes
New global accounting standards that will require businesses to disclose their leasing commitments have a positive impact on the flexible workspace sector overseas, pushing multinational corporations to take less core space on traditional long-term leases and rely more on flexible workspace operators.

'Who coined the term Space as a Service?'

There are two thought leaders who have popularised this term. Antony Slumbers and Duke Long  They will both be speaking at FUTURE:PropTech. Here is a bot more from them:

Antony Slumbers – Is a leading expert on this concept and here is a video from our partners Nordic PropTech, explains S-AAS (or on-demand real estate)! Antony will be speaking at FUTURE:PropTech on May 2nd! Read his latest article on the subject here!
Duke Long is a CRE expert from NYC. Here is an article from Duke which covers what we can learn from companies like CBRE. Duke will be speaking on our Commercial Stage for the TECH ENABLED BROKERAGE panel with Lionel Hill – CBRE's Chief Digital and Technology Officer as well as the Co-Founder of Realla, Andrew Miles.

Our sponsors, CBRE (who will be sponsoring our 'Digital Transformation Hub' where you can meet their team of experts)  explain Space as a Service almost better than anyone. They really understand this concept and invest heavily in this area.

Startups – interested in collaborating with CBRE ? Check out the CBRE Innovation Challenge

The 2018 CBRE EMEA Occupier Survey highlights a strong and growing focus by corporates on deploying technology, wellness and flexible space as core elements in an agenda focused on enhancing the user experience.
This video below gives a great overview of S-AAS!

Companies who are working on Space as a Service at FUTURE:PropTech!


1. Locale – With Locale, you can run your building more efficiently, engage with your community, and deliver experiences that set you apart from the competition.

2. Asset Mapping – Poor quality workspaces can lead to chronic health problems if left unaddressed. We are here to change all of that. By displaying data in one place, adding real-time feeds and making information visual, we help people realise the impact of poor indoor environmental quality.

3. SpaceFlow –  Spaceflow fills the gap between digital and real-estate market. We deliver app that enhances comfort and redefines life in buildings. Our solution connects all key participants in the building environment – landlords, tenants and local service providers.

4. Lucid Environments – Lucid is an Interactive, Architectural Visualisation Company.  Using the latest technology we make it easy to access, accentuate and present building information.  This can include how spaces can be customised and adapted for different user needs.  We can also visualise data and research about the benefits of space as a service.

5. Yardi – Yardi® recently acquired of WUN Systems, an award-winning and fast-growing leader in the Coworking and shared workspace market. 

Our partners CREation are hosting a roundtable discussion at FUTURE:PropTech which is VERY much Space as a Service focused! 'ATTRACTING AND RETAINING TALENT' What employers need to start thinking about in order to remain competitive. 

“Over the last few years, we have seen a seismic shift in occupier demands, placing an increased focus on user experience alongside employee engagement, productivity and wellness benefits.”

– Mike Gedye
MD, Advisory and Transaction Management, CBRE

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