The Evolution of Real Estate Investment

This high profile panel covers the current investment landscape and how technology is allowing for smarter investment decisions.

Key Takeaways:

Host: Mike Phillips, UK Editor of Bisnow

1. Tatiana Tezel – Director and Deputy Fund Manager at Blackrock
2. Stephen Walker – Deputy Head of Asset Management at Aberdeen Standard Investments
3. Lisa Shaforostova – Real Estate Investment Director at CBRE
4. Magnus Svantegard – Head of Product at Datscha / Director at Stronghold Investments

Takeaway 1:  Data is now being captured in a much more sophisticated way. Universal data sets are required in order to compare buildings for investment decisions. It is only beginning, we are not quite there yet. Complete data sets will assist in smarter and faster investments.
(2.22 mins in)

Takeaway 2: Investors lucky enough to have access to this valuable data are on the cutting edge and have a competetive advantage. Liquidity & transparency of Real Estate is increasing. What the industry needs is more market trend data.
(3.60 mins in)

Takeaway 3: Occupier data is extremely valuable. There is a growing need to understand your customer. Occupier teams should be implemented to assist investors with investment decisions.
(5.30 mins in)

Takeaway 4: CBRE are using a mobile phone tracking technology (Calibrate)to learn more about their retail customers. They can find information like where their customers live, what their disposable income is, what they spend on retail, how much they spend, they can then learn how dominant that store is within its location and can track their competitors!
(7.00 mins in)

Takeaway 5: In order for investors to remain competitive, money will need to be spent on new technology and internal and external resources will need to be allocated.
(8.15 mins in)

Takeaway 6:  There needs to be more of a focus on data analysis. Awareness is certainly growing. Check our this report from KPMG which will show you how CEO's feel about digital transformation. Data within organisations is still too dispersed and incomplete. Organisations need to organise and analyse data from all departments in order to make smarter decisions.
(10.41 mins in)

Takeaway 7:  Everyone has data, but not everyone knows what to do with it. Portfolio and fund managers have never had to deal with data before now. Skill sets are changing rapidly. What the industry needs is REAL TIME data.
(12.06 mins in)

Takeaway 8: Cutting edge companies and thought leaders are now using machine learning to analyse documents for data and are streamlining their databases with this technology. Fidelity International are one of these companies. They have their data so sewn up, that they can perform nightly credit checks on all of their tenants!
(17.25 mins in)

Takeaway 9: The current valuation model for Real Estate needs to be updated. (especially when lease lengths are becoming shorter and shorter). Long leases are becoming more rarefied and more valuable.
(24 mins in)

Takeaway 10: Technology will change investment decisions. Take a law firm for example. Will these law firms be around in 20 years? Should we be offering them 20 year leases? Especially with advancements in legal tech? This is where data becomes relevant.
(25.35 mins in)

Takeaway 11: Office buildings should be rated by their tenants like trip adviser. This data would be extremely valuable. (One for the innovators!)
(27.30 mins in)

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