As promised, this years’ FUTURE PropTech is going to be the biggest and best yet. We have waited until today to announce the amazing line-up below because we wanted to do it with a big bang. And this is one hell of bang. See what we have in store at this year’s event below.

Opening Keynote’s Theresa May & Alan Partridge

Theresa May will finally be signing off Brexit, live on stage at the event. This is a major coup for us (not the one her colleagues were expecting).

As well as that, Alan Partridge will be hosting a cheese smelling session. Alan is quoted as replying to the news with ‘Back of the Net’.


International Zone

See Donald TrumpVladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un battle it out for intentional PropTech supremacy in our ‘International Zone’, where the world heavy-weights will be presenting their countries latest property technology. PropTech has become another platform in the international race for technological supremacy, FUTURE PropTech is simply the stage.


Trump commented: ‘This is the best PropTech event ever, I mean it. It is really, really a great event for technology, for property, for people that do property. Really, really great.

Jay Z Invests in PropTech - Launch Party

Jay Z, famous for his music, marriage and business investments has decided to invest in PropTech. With stakes in companies such as Uber, JetSmarter and his VC firm, Arrive, Jay Z sees this as the obvious place to go next. As part of his investment plans, he wants to visit FUTURE PropTech in London where he’ll be performing at our after party.

Jay Z said: I got 99 problems, but finding technology to improve the efficiency and profitability of my real estate portfolio isn’t one’.


Free Deliveroo For All, For life!!!

With Deliveroo desperate to break into the ‘co-working’ space they have approached us and asked if they could provide all the delegates with a life time supply of free food, delivered to your office. Literally whatever you want. Who are we to block you and your food?


Uber Sky Rides To and From the Event

Uber, besides speaking at the event, has also decided to give free 'Uber Sky' rides to everyone who buys a ticket. They will take you to and from your home, your office or even your holiday destination. As part of their initiatives to grow their rural presence, Uber Sky wants to meet commercial tenants in rural towns and FUTURE PropTech is the best place to meet the real estate sector to show it’s ‘office transport’ of the future.



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