Future Workplace Report by Raconteur and The Times

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Offices up and down the UK are empty for the foreseeable future, as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic grips the nation. But even if a government mandated work-from-home policy wasn't in place, would they be quieter than they used to be?

Do first impressions of a physical office still count in the digital age when so much business is conducted outside the traditional working environment?

The Future Workplace special report, published in The Times, explores the importance of workplaces that look after and trust their employees.

The report looks at how tech has made communication easier but might be making you lonelier at work, and how repurposing unused shops can bring talent to towns in need of new business. It also examines if the WeWork model is working or if it is scaring away entrepreneurs.

Featured articles in this 20-page report include:

Does The WeWork Model Still Work?
The office space company once promised to “elevate the world’s consciousness”, but could WeWork now be scaring away the very entrepreneurs it used to cherish?

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First Impressions Still Count
How important is the physical office space when it comes to brand building in the digital age when so much business is conducted outside the traditional working environment?

Giving owners the keys to sustainability

New proptech can help property managers and tenants alike understand the sustainability of their buildings, but should the burden for eco-friendly homes really be passed to consumers?

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The growing importance of proptech

90 percent of traditional real estate organisations see proptech as an opportunity, as rising levels of investment show. Even as the number of new proptech startups fall, investment levels continue to climb. So what innovations are decision-makers most excited about?

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Charting the rise of the property CTO

The property sector has long been behind the curve with technology. Now a new wave of chief technology officers have been tasked with getting it up to speed, but this will only work if they have a seat at the top table.

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Is the proptech bubble set to burst?

Investing in proptech is an exciting opportunity, but problems facing companies such as WeWork are causing concern. So what does proptech have to offer?

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How tech disruption is streamlining the property sector From poorly measured floor plans to overdue payments, innovative technology solutions are making property processes simpler than ever. This article looks at three examples.

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